NextGen are the young professionals are enthusiastic about our local manufacturers. They bring their expertise into our old factory and also lead the teenagers discover our factories!

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Yuna Jong

Technology Support,
Lesson/ Workshop Management

Senior UX/UI Designer developing design knowledge and abilities more than 10 years. Passionate about creating innovative, problem-solving and user-friendly designs. Pursuing a challenging design position.

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Chiao-Pang Huang


Innovation Resource links

Chiao-Pang is an excellent collaborator and has extensive experience in creating good brand experience and aesthetics. He displayed effective leadership to enable his team members to fully extend their talents. And as a citizen of the global village, Chiao thinks that he should look at the issue of natural environment from a more empathetic view outside of the limited perspective of an industrial designer.

Elainee RueiYi Fang

Occupational Therapist

Ruei Yi Fang is a printmaker, illustrator and also a storyteller now studying Printmaking MA in Royal College of art. Based on previous working experiences as an occupational therapist, her works are dealing with self-healing, sense of security, and  trying to comfort heart feeling through narrative drawings.